Medicaid Planning

Senior woman in a nursing home, with a caring nurse. Nursing Home and Long Term Care expenses can deplete your life savings very quickly.  But they don’t have to! 

With proper planning by our Elder Law and Medicaid Attorneys, you can protect your assets from the high cost of the nursing home.


What is Medicaid Planning?
Medicaid Planning involves developing a plan to reallocate your assets in such a way that Medicaid will not take them into consideration when determining your eligibility for coverage. If nursing home care is needed in the future, you will then qualify to have Medicaid pay for the cost of care, rather than depleting your own resources to cover these costs.
Medicaid Pre-Planning vs. Medicaid Crisis Planning

Medicaid Pre-Planning - There are numerous ways to plan for protecting your assets from nursing home expenses.  A Medicaid Trust is one of the ways.  If you’re concerned about how to protect your assets from nursing home expenses, contact our office today to see how or, sign up for a workshop.

Medicaid Crisis Planning - It is not too late to protect your assets even though you or a loved one is already in a nursing home!  If you are in a crisis and paying the nursing home bill out of your own pocket, contact us to review your options today!

How can we find out if we’re eligible for Medicaid coverage?
Medicaid eligibility is based on the amount of your monthly income and your assets. If both are within the very low limits set by Medicaid, you qualify for coverage. As your attorney, our job is to protect your assets in such a way that they are not included in Medicaid’s determination of whether you qualify for coverage. After a short meeting with our Medicaid planning attorney, we can determine whether you qualify. Give our attorneys a call today at 616-365-5055.
If my spouse goes into a nursing home, will I have to give away all or most of my assets to keep them from being taken to cover the costs of care?
This question goes to the heart of our Estate Planning mission.  We use various legal tools to ensure that your assets will not be taken to cover the cost of nursing home care. These tools permit you to maintain full control and access to your asset income while ensuring that those assets are not counted towards your eligibility for Medicaid.
Why should I apply for Medicaid coverage?
Most families cannot support the enormous cost of nursing home care. Those who fall within the qualification guidelines for Medicaid may be well advised to apply for coverage. The program offers people a means of providing a decent level of skilled nursing care for their loved one.
Why do I need help obtaining Medicaid coverage? Isn’t it just a matter of submitting the application?
Many people apply for coverage without any help. But beware - Medicaid will not tell you how to protect your assets. As your attorney, we offer specialized knowledge, skill, and experience to help you follow all the proper application procedures, and handle all of the necessary legal correspondence with your local Medicaid office. More importantly, we offer a range of options for protecting your assets should you need nursing home care. We will see your case through to its conclusion and work hard to produce a positive outcome for you and your family.
How much will it cost to protect my family and my assets?
We offer our services as per a specific fee schedule based on your particular needs. (Often times, once we become familiar with your personal and financial situation, we are able to protect your assets with less work than what was originally anticipated.) Our services are designed to pay for themselves over a relatively short time. By helping you obtain Medicaid qualification and protect your personal assets, your plan can effectively pay for itself many times over.
I’ve heard Medicaid can take our house for reimbursement. Is that true?
No, they cannot take your house, nor do they want to. This is one of the Medicaid Myths. While Medicaid does require the spouses of beneficiaries to contribute some portion their available assets (above a level determined by each state) to the cost of care, the federal Spousal Impoverishment Protection law excludes your family home from that calculation.
How do I know if we’re eligible for Medicaid coverage?

To put it simply, eligibility is based upon your ability or inability to pay long-term care expenses. Medicaid allows each state to establish specific standards for eligibility based on personal income and assets. The general standard is the applicants can be eligible for coverage if the couple’s “countable” assets (cash, investments, etc.) and income fall within state-designated limits. This calculation excludes the family home, car, certain limited life insurance coverage, and personal household possessions, such as clothing, furniture, etc.

Schedule a free goals consultation here.  After your free consultation, you will be presented with various legal options to choose from that fit your specific needs and budgetary concerns.  Call our office to get started!

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