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The VA May Pay Your Children to Care For You!

At Alles Law, we look for multiple opportunities to help our clients who are eligible for veterans benefits pay for increasing care needs as they age. One little-known option they can access is a monetary benefit from the Veterans Administration called the VA Improved Pension.

There are three difference VA pension opportunities:

  1. Basic Improved Pension
  2. Pension for Housebound
  3. Pension for Aid & Attendance

These pension benefits are available to veterans and their spouses, as well as the surviving spouse of a veteran who has died. Once you are approved, the VA simply deposits money into your account of choice — it is really that simple!

Do you know someone who is currently caring for an aging parent — cleaning their house, paying their bills, or preparing their meals? One little known fact is that there may be a VA pension available to pay the caregiver in these situations! These additional funds from the VA usually result in a veteran or family member staying at home longer because there is less financial stress and greater ability to hire professionals to perform other important tasks.

But beware, great care must be taken when attempting to access these benefits. We know the VA rules, we know the IRS rules and we know Medicaid and various State laws that must be followed.

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