What to Ask an Asset Preservation Attorney

We work with individuals and families to help protect their life savings from the high costs of nursing home and long term care expenses. We also help to protect assets from risks such as divorce, remarriage of a spouse after the death of the first spouse, lawsuits, and many others.

So, when choosing an asset preservation attorney in Grand Rapids or abroad, what do you ask them?

  1. Tell them first about YOU and your situation. Can they help you?
    • How many cases like yours has the attorney handled in the last year?
    • Were those cases successful?
    • Is your attorney familiar with the Grand Rapids or surrounding area? Or your area?
  2. What areas of law does the attorney consider his or her specialty?
  3. What are your asset protection philosophies?
    • At Alles Law we believe in a holistic approach to asset planning. Therefore, we allow for a free consultation designed to understand the clients’ situation before agreeing to take on their matter.
    • Asset Protection planning tools are numerous…we never recommend a one-size-fits-all approach to planning!

To learn about your options for asset protection planning, contact us today for a free, no-pressure conversation.