Medicaid Planning, Part 2 of 3: Crisis Planning

Medicaid Planning 2 of 3If a client comes to us and a long term care or nursing home stay is imminent (going to happen soon), our team moves in to “crisis” mode to help determine if Medicaid is available and appropriate to pay for care. If you or a loved one is in this situation, call our office today. We help our clients navigate the Medicaid system to protect as many assets as allowed under law. This process includes the infamous Medicaid Spend Down. The Department of Health and Human Services governs Medicaid in Michigan and decides on the rules as applicable to federal law.

There are many rules for the Medicaid Spend Down and Medicaid for the nursing home in general and these rules change often. This means that what your friend or neighbor was required to do to qualify for Medicaid 12 months ago or more will likely not be the way it goes now, and if your attorney is not regularly dealing with Medicaid, they likely do not have all the information they need to best counsel their clients.

Most of our clients don’t realize how much assets and income they can keep and be on Medicaid…but the rules are VERY DIFFERENT depending on if the Medicaid applicant is married or single and working with an attorney who knows these rules inside and out is crucial. Our elder law attorneys have helped hundreds of families navigate the Medicaid application process as well as protect as many assets as are allowed under the rules for Michigan Medicaid.

Remember: if you have questions about Medicaid or any estate planning or elder law issue, just call us for a complimentary conversation. We are happy to help you decide what is best for you and your loved ones!