The Family Cottage


Ahh, the family cottage. A little slice of heaven on earth providing nothing but rest and relaxation, right? Hopefully! But the truth is a number of issues may be hiding just off the dock. With proper planning though, these issues can be avoided and dealt with without ruining Thanksgiving.

Two common issues that require understanding due to their potential complexity are:


  1. MULTIPLE OWNERS – Often here in Michigan, multiple family members will own the cottage at the lake. This is great for family reunions on Memorial Day, but it can get complicated when it is time to pay for a new roof, determine if the property should be rented, decide what kind of boat is appropriate, and so on.
  2. TRANSFERRING OWNERSHIP – The second issue is how to effectively and efficiently transfer ownership. Proper planning for issues such as avoiding the uncapping of property taxes and complying with multiple owners’ estate plans and wishes are important for financial decision-making and family peace.


Cottages should be a blessing and not a curse. We can help you properly structure the ownership, maintenance, and distribution of your place up north. Give us a call! We are here to help.

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