Is Your Power of Attorney Powerless?

Rejected Stamp

It may be cheap or easy to obtain a Power of Attorney document from an online service or an attorney who doesn’t specialize in estate or elder law, but that document may not get you very far in the long run.

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Tough Conversations

While sitting across the dining room table from my dad, it struck me how frail he looked. Equally startling was I wasn’t sure when it had happened. Had I been that preoccupied? Sure, my life was busy, but had I been that distracted? I felt overwhelming guilt. I laid in bed that night and realized…

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Let’s Talk Quit Claim Deeds

Deed to a House

Congratulations! You just closed on your first home, or commercial building. You signed what seemed to be a tree’s worth of paper. Somewhere in that stack, the seller signed a piece of paper called a “deed” transferring ownership to you as the new owner. A type of deed that is commonly used is called a…

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Five Things to Avoid in Your Will

A will is one of the most foundational estate planning tools. While relying solely on a will is rarely a suitable option for most people, just about every estate plan includes this key document in one form or another.  A will is used to, among other things, designate how you want your assets distributed to…

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Veterans Getting a Raise

Hands holding an American flag

In 2017 the Veterans Benefits for long-term care are rising along with a 0.3% Social Security benefit increase. Check out the details in this VA Pension Summary Table. If you have questions about Veterans Benefits for long-term care, give us a call.

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Family Cottages

Take good care of your unique asset. A family cottage is special and is worth putting the proper plan in place with your local Alles Law real estate law attorney. In this short video Alles Law attorney Jordan Bush explains what you need to know about family cottages & the law in Michigan.

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Meet Attorney Jordan Bush

Real Estate Attorney Jordan Bush has joined the team at Alles Law. Learn more about Jordan, his practice, and his family in this introduction video.

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What is Estate Planning?

Legal Services With Alles Law Firm

Purposeful planning means your estate planning will serve you both while you are alive and after your death.

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