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Do I Really Need A LifeMap?

Here are some things we often hear:

I don't have an "estate"

If you have kids, own a house or business, have life insurance or a retirement account, you should establish a LifeMap.

I don't want to think about it

We get it.  It is hard to imagine a future you are not a part of.  A LifeMap provides you with the peace of mind that your loved ones are protected if the unthinkable happens.

I don't know what I need

That's OK!  You know what's important to you, and from there, we will learn about and decide together which legal tools accomplish what you need.

Life Mapping For Young Family Estate Planning


Your LifeMap will provide for the needs of your children and loved ones.

With guided planning, you will be able to confidently answer:

  • Who will care for our children?

    Talking about who would take care of your children is a good starting point. Making sure your wishes are known is important as well. But if these things are not documented, it is less likely your wishes will be carried out as you intended.

  • What happens to our house?

    If this is not determined in a will or trust, the court will act as a personal representative.

  • What about our stuff?

    You may not have a huge amount of savings or other assets and wonder if it is necessary to complete a LifeMap for your family. Please realize- in the absence of this plan, property will be disposed of by the court according to state law.

  • Who will take care of things if I die?

    When the unthinkable happens, certain steps need to be taken (closing bank accounts, paying debts, etc). Naming a personal representative is important. If none is named, the court will appoint one and this will create costs and delays.

  • Who will make the big decisions?

    Part of creating a LifeMap is determining what will happen if you are still alive but unable to make decisions. This planning allows you to select an individual to make financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf.

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