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Do you or does someone you love need immediate nursing home care, and you’re not sure how to pay for it? The cost of long-term care can quickly deplete your life savings. We work with clients every day who are facing healthcare crisis situations to get the Medicaid funds necessary to pay for the nursing home care they need now.

Navigating the Medicaid application process alone is confusing and cumbersome. The first step toward getting Medicaid is simply getting in touch with us today. You have two options:

Call Our Office

A team member will talk with you to gather the information needed to get started accessing Medicaid for the nursing home.

Submit a Medicaid Crisis Request

Submit this form and we’ll call you back within 30 minutes during business hours, or by 9:00 AM the next business day.

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A lot of different circumstances lead people to Medicaid crisis situations:

  • Medicare has informed you that they will only pay for 2 more days of rehabilitation

  • A significant injury or diagnosis has made the need for long-term care immediate

  • A primary caregiver can no longer provide the necessary day-to-day care

The confusion and stress of the Medicaid process can leave you feeling alone and overwhelmed. The good news is you don’t have to navigate the Medicaid maze alone. Take the first step towards relief and contact us today.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Medicaid Crisis?

Medicaid crisis situations are when you or a loved one is currently in, or in the next few days will be in a nursing home. Crisis is when:

  • You're paying out of pocket and you're not sure how you'll continue to cover the costs

  • A spouse not receiving care is at risk of losing all of their assets to pay for the spouse receiving care

It is not too late to protect your assets even though you or a loved one is already in a nursing home! The sooner you act the better. Call today.

Am I eligible for Medicaid?

Medicaid eligibility is based on the amount of your monthly income and your assets. Medicaid allows each state to establish specific standards for eligibility based on personal income and assets. The amounts are very low, and if you are below the limits you may qualify for coverage. Assets are considered either "countable" or "exempt" when Medicaid determines if you quality. As your attorney, our job is to protect your assets in such a way that they are not countable in Medicaid’s determination of whether you qualify for coverage.

I've heard Medicaid can take our house for reimbursement. Is that true?

No, they cannot take your house, nor do they want to. This is one of the Medicaid Myths. While Medicaid does require the spouses of beneficiaries to contribute some portion their available assets (above a level determined by each state) to the cost of care, the federal Spousal Impoverishment Protection law excludes your family home from that calculation.

Do I need help obtaining Medicaid or can I just do it myself?

Many people apply for coverage without any help. But beware - Medicaid will not tell you how to protect your assets. As your attorney, we will get to know your personal situation and goals, help you follow all the proper application procedures, and handle all of the necessary legal correspondence with your local Medicaid office. The rules can be cumbersome and confusing, and in many cases time is of the essence. Navigating a Medicaid application can be overwhelming and frustrating, but you don't have to do it alone. We know the ins and outs of applying for Medicaid and will see your case through to its conclusion, working hard to produce a positive outcome for you and your family.

Should I apply for Medicaid coverage?

The costs of long-term care are shockingly high, and rising. Most families cannot support the enormous cost of care out of pocket, or if they did cover all the costs, a spouse not needing care may be left destitute. Those who fall within the qualification guidelines for Medicaid may be well advised to apply for coverage. The program offers people a means of providing a decent level of skilled nursing care for their loved one.

What is the Medicaid spend down?

When applying for Medicaid, a "snapshot" is taken of your current assets as well as a history of your assets over the past 5 years (a period known as the "look back" - this length is subject to increase!) This snapshot is detailed and exhaustive Certain assets are considered countable towards your total assets, while others are exempt. "Spending down" is a term often used when assets are reallocated to make sure your countable assets value is below the threshold set by Medicaid for eligibility. But be careful! There are many rules about how you may or may not spend assets to qualify for Medicaid coverage. 

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