18th Birthday - 18th Birthday

Eighteen is a milestone birthday. Most parents would agree that those parenting instincts do not simply cease once your children reach adulthood. When your child turns 18, there are some changes to your legal rights that many parents are not aware of. For parents seeking to continue to offer support and protection to their newly adult child, you will need to secure the following documents:

  • A HIPAA waiver

    Health care providers are not legally allowed to disclose a patient’s medical record or discuss their health status with anyone- even the parent of a young adult who is still on their parent’s insurance plan. To grant their parents (or another trusted adult) access to medical records and permission to speak with health care providers if necessary, your adult child must sign a HIPAA release form and list those who are granted access.

  • Medical Power of Attorney

    Once your child turns 18, it is vital to have a medical power of attorney document in place. This will allow you to make healthcare decisions on their behalf should they become incapacitated due to injury or illness.

  • Financial Power of Attorney

    Now that your child has reached adulthood in the eyes of the law, they are presumed to be able to make capable decisions for themselves and are legally responsible for these decisions. Obtaining a financial power of attorney document will allow you to pay bills, access bank accounts, financial aid information and manage benefits on behalf of your child.