Life is unpredictable. Be confident knowing you're prepared for whatever comes your way.

How much does it cost NOT to plan?

Lost Time & Money

Think court costs, creditors, tax issues, etc. Sorting an estate for someone without a plan is a lengthy, cumbersome, and costly process.

Lost Options

YOU should determine who makes decisions for you - but if you don't, the court or someone else will.

Lost Peace of Mind

Without a plan, it’s often the people who know and love you most who are stuck picking up the pieces.

Your Path

Go from "Where do I start?" to "Why didn't I do this sooner!" in a few easy steps. 


    Call or email to schedule a FREE, no-pressure conversation.


    Discover the right plan for you through our proven process of defining your goals with your attorney.

  • LIVE

    Review and finalize your personal plan, knowing you're prepared for whatever comes your way.

The Alles Law Promise

  • 1.


    Estate planning can be complex, but your plan shouldn't be confusing to you. We avoid legalese and work to make sure your plan makes sense to you.  Our process is clear and simple, so that you can easily finish a plan you understand and feel confident about. Wow, that was easy.

  • 2.


    Every person and family is unique, and your plan should be customized to reflect your personal situation and needs. The bottom line is that "one size fits all" planning just doesn't work, so it doesn't happen here. 

  • 3.


    After your initial meeting, you will know exactly how much you'll pay for your plan. We are up front with our pricing, so you'll never be surprised by an invoice. Period. 

Joel T

Estate Planning Client

The team at Alles Law made estate planning a quick, straightforward, and even fun experience. I appreciated their informative, service first approach, and willingness to answer question both on and off topic.

Beth V

Estate Planning Client

We have a special needs son who will need lifelong support, and Tim really made sure he is taken care of when we are no longer able to…So glad we met!

Michael F

Estate Planning Client

From the moment we stepped in the door we were warmly welcomed by the Alles Law staff and were made to feel like family. We felt extremely at ease and at peace with what we had set in place with Alles Law. We would recommend them 1,000x over.

Do You Really Need an Estate Plan?

Here are some things we regularly hear:

I don’t know what I need

That’s ok! You know what’s important to you, and from there, we will learn about and decide together which legal tools accomplish what you need.

I’m not a millionaire

We have plans for people at any stage of wealth! If you have kids, own a house or business, have life insurance or a retirement account, you should have a conversation about your estate plan. 

I already have a plan

Have you reviewed it recently? If not, you risk leaving a mess for your loved ones to untangle. Things change (law changes, life events) and your plan often needs to change with them!
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