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Estate Settlement

“After the death of a loved one, what should I do first?”

Losing someone you love shouldn’t come with the stress of settling their estate.

Calling banks, working with the probate court, selling the house, communicating with family members…

Alles Law lays out a clear, simple path so clients feel confident that their loved one’s assets and wishes are handled properly. Whether you need to settle a trust or deal with the probate court, we’ll be your guide in this difficult time.

There’s a lot to handle if you do this alone. But, with professional help, this process can be much easier.

Which way will I go?

Did your loved one have a trust?
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  • Trust Settlement

    If your loved one’s bank accounts, property, or other assets were held in a trust, you likely won’t have to go through probate. This means a shorter settlement process, but you still need to follow some important steps to ensure an accurate distribution of those assets.

  • Probate Court

    Probate is the court process that happens if a person didn’t have the right estate planning documents in place upon their death. After a loved one dies, some assets may need to be processed through the probate court. Our team can help you determine if this is necessary.

  • How Do I Start?

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