"Most importantly, we want our kids to be cared for."

A tailored estate plan helps you feel secure about the important decisions you make for your family. For everything that happens in life – marriage, having children, health changes, retirement - each family has unique life stories and experiences. But, we end up with the same goal: looking out for the people we love.

At Alles Law, we believe you should understand and feel confident about your estate plan. We provide you a purposeful planning method that meets your circumstances, and clarity on what the best path is to protect your family.


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Estate Planning for Every Stage of Life

Estate planning protects your kids and ensures a secure future, free of worry.

For families with young children, estate planning is about much more than who gets your stuff when you are gone. Who will take care of your kids? Who will be responsible for their finances? Can my kids continue to live in our house?

Each family’s circumstances are different. We keep our process simple and clear, so you feel confident in the important decisions you make for your family.

Learn what tools will protect what you’ve spent a lifetime building.

You have worked hard to get here! Learn what legal tools best suit your estate planning needs.

  • How do you give to kids, grandkids, and charities?
  • What can you do to reduce tax burdens associated with gifting property, retirement accounts, or other valuable assets?

Retirement is an exciting time full of change. Learn how Alles Law can make an estate plan you understand and feel confident about.

Give your family the gift of a secure future.

Getting married? Congratulations! If you’re blending families, you should have clarity around inheritance and other financial matters. Every couple is different, and working through the details now helps preserve your family’s relationships and builds a secure future for everyone involved.

Start the conversation now so that when the wedding day rolls around, you’re ready for this exciting next stage of life.

Continue to support your child as they move into adulthood.

Your 18-year-old is legally an adult – but they probably still need your help scheduling doctor’s appointments and visiting the bank. Continue to support your adult child with these simple documents:

  • A Financial Power of Attorney gives you permission to make decisions on financial matters, pay bills, and make investments on your child’s behalf.
  • A Medical Power of Attorney allows you to make medical decisions for your child if they cannot make their own.
  • HIPAA Authorization gives medical professionals permission to speak with you about your child’s health and the care they receive.

Schedule a time to speak with Alles Law about the tools your child needs as they transition into adulthood.

After divorce, create or update a plan that protects you in this new stage of life.

Whether or not you had a plan during your marriage, you need a new one after divorce. This gives you more control over what money goes to your children, and guarantees assets can’t be controlled by an ex-spouse.

Learn which estate planning documents you need to create or update to provide a secure future for the ones you love.

Determine the best path forward when life has taken a turn.

When a parent receives a diagnosis of Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, or another disease that impacts their ability to make decisions, you probably feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities that have landed on your lap. How is life going to change? How do we prepare for an unknown future?

Learn from Alles Law what documents you need and which legal considerations to think about as you take care of the ones you love. Specialized planning can help alleviate the burden on caregivers, family, and the person dealing with the diagnosis.

Start the conversation early so your family can feel relief in this new stage of life.

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