The Family Cottage

Ahh, the family cottage. A little slice of heaven on earth providing nothing but rest and relaxation, right? Hopefully! But the truth is a number of issues may be hiding just off the dock. With proper planning though, these issues can be avoided and dealt with without ruining Thanksgiving. Two common issues that require understanding…

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Let’s Talk Quit Claim Deeds

Deed to a House

Congratulations! You just closed on your first home, or commercial building. You signed what seemed to be a tree’s worth of paper. Somewhere in that stack, the seller signed a piece of paper called a “deed” transferring ownership to you as the new owner. A type of deed that is commonly used is called a…

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Family Cottages

Take good care of your unique asset. A family cottage is special and is worth putting the proper plan in place with your local Alles Law real estate law attorney. In this short video Alles Law attorney Jordan Bush explains what you need to know about family cottages & the law in Michigan.

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