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The Big Hollywood “Getting My Affairs in Order” Moment

A fight scene. An escape from the country. A car chase. A risky scientific breakthrough.

These are usually the high stakes moments in your favorite movies when the main character finally decides to “get their affairs in order.” It’s always something big, and there’s always a time crunch.

You might see them call up their lawyer (usually someone scary in a suit) and before you know it, there’s a will drawn up that’s signed and put away in a filing cabinet. And that’s it. Now the good guys can save the day and feel okay that their money and family are taken care of.

But what about you, the viewer? Do you need a life-altering, pivotal moment to feel like it’s the right time to get your affairs in order and plan for the future?

The simple answer is no. You don’t. 

In fact, people should consider the importance of their estate plan a lot sooner than that. Maybe it’s when you have your first child, buy your first home, sign up for a life insurance policy, or begin contributing to your 401k. These may not be the glamorous Hollywood moments that make you think “oh, right, I should have a plan in place,” but they are vital points in your own personal timeline that need protection and assurance.

And getting your affairs in order doesn’t just mean signing a one-page will that says who you want to get your assets when you die. It also means putting documents together that consider how your children or other beneficiaries will best benefit from the legacy you’re leaving behind. 

You also need to think about how you’re going to be cared for during your lifetime, and who will make decisions if you can’t (we can bet you John Wick didn’t sign a medical power of attorney, although he definitely should have).

Are there moments in life that require quicker movement with regard to your estate plan? Absolutely! If you have a disease that impacts your ability to make decisions or you’re moving into a long term care home and haven’t put a plan in place – now is the best time to meet with an attorney. Let’s finalize those documents so you can have the peace of mind that your loved ones are protected, even after you’re gone.

So while we don’t have a red carpet to roll out, and we certainly won’t intimidate you with a suit, we can still help you have your Hollywood moment and get your affairs in order. Schedule a free consultation with Alles Law and know that during every stage in life, you’ll feel great about the plan you have in place. 

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