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Caring for Aging Parents

Caring for Aging Parents

End-of-life planning isn’t an easy topic of conversation, but it’s an important one.

Older individuals often experience greater anxiety about the unknown. Adult children feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of making decisions on their parents’ behalf, especially when they are unsure what their wishes are.

This can lead to adult children making difficult decisions that differ from those their parents would have made.

How should you approach this difficult topic:

  • Be patient.This will likely be an ongoing conversation.
  • Be transparent with other family members.
  • Keep notes.
  • Don’t pressure. Remember the purpose is to ease financial and emotional stress over these decisions.
  • Empathize. This can be difficult for everyone involved.
  • Listen. Allow your parent(s) to express their feelings without judgment.
  • Consult an attorney. In addition to specializing in estate planning, an attorney can help mediate conversations.
  • Don’t wait. Have these conversations when your parent(s) are healthy!
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