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Raising a Family

Raising a Family

Many young families put off estate planning. You may feel you are too young, healthy, or assume you cannot afford it. It is difficult to imagine a future that you are not a part of, but proper planning shows your family how much you care.

Not having an estate plan in place could have disastrous consequences if the unimaginable were to happen.

Every family should have an estate plan that includes the following:

  • A guardian to care for minor children.
  • Naming someone to administer the estate and trust.
  • Establish an individual to manage the inheritance for your children until they become adults or reach an age that you select.
  • A tailored plan for your needs, such as a revocable living trust, wills, and financial and health power of attorney documents.

For more information about Estate Planning when raising a family, check out this article on GR Kids!

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