Tough Conversations

While sitting across the dining room table from my dad, it struck me how frail he looked. Equally startling was I wasn’t sure when it had happened. Had I been that preoccupied? Sure, my life was busy, but had I been that distracted? I felt overwhelming guilt.

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“Debt Collectors Are Calling Me”

In the week of my Dad’s passing, I called 11 credit card companies to inform them of his passing. Each call took about 30 minutes – from wading through the automated system to multiple transfers to the appropriate department. It was awful. My Dad told me the debt would just go away once he passes.…

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5 Signs Your Aging Parent May Need Care

Group of happy elderly men laughing and talking

Having a peace of mind when it comes to your aging parents is something that might be hard to accomplish, but we’re here to help . If you notice any of these warning signs from aging family members , give us a call. A proactive conversation about paying for care could save hours and dollars…

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6 Common Reasons For Seniors To Consider A Power Of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are all about authority. When you sign a Power of Attorney (“POA”), you are authorizing someone else to make decisions for you when you can no longer participate due to age or incapacity. Powers of attorney are not just for elderly, but here are a few reasons aging adults need to set…

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It’s Time To Talk To Your Parent About Aging

There is one certainty in life that none of us can escape: we will all die someday. The hope is this will occur when we’re old, slipping peacefully away in our sleep, but inevitably, it is guaranteed to happen to each of us. Unfortunately, too many of us pass away without leaving a proper plan…

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The Real Cost To Your Family When You Don’t Plan For Incapacity

When you hear the words estate planning, you may automatically think about establishing documents to ensure the right people inherit your stuff when you die. And you are not wrong- putting a proper plan in place to protect and pass on your wealth and other assets is a fundamental part of the planning equation. But…

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What Exactly IS Probate?

Last Will & Testament Document

Ah, that forever-fretted term, Probate! Does it give you the heebie-jeebies? It really shouldn’t. In short, Probate is the process used to transfer assets of someone who is deceased to their heirs or other designated persons, charities, etc. During your lifetime, you are free to transfer your assets as you choose simply by gifting or…

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Is Your Power of Attorney Powerless?

Rejected Stamp

It may be cheap or easy to obtain a Power of Attorney document from an online service or an attorney who doesn’t specialize in estate or elder law, but that document may not get you very far in the long run.

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Veterans Getting a Raise

Hands holding an American flag

In 2017 the Veterans Benefits for long-term care are rising along with a 0.3% Social Security benefit increase. Check out the details in this VA Pension Summary Table. If you have questions about Veterans Benefits for long-term care, give us a call.

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